About Water Bottle Ice Ball Maker

This 2-in-1 Water Bottle and Ice Cube Maker is designed to enable you to make ice balls conveniently while also serving as a water bottle to keep your water. With this bottle, you don’t have to crack or break to get the ice cubes out. It is made of materials that aid the ice ball mold to expand and release ice cubes when formed.

In addition, it’s super convenient to wash, refill and use, as the cap and bottle body can be detached.

This is the most convenient way to store water and ice for use wherever you need it.



Food grade material

Key features

Easy to making 17 full ice balls at a time, convenient to use and clean, with a sealed bottle cap to prevent odor. Freeze your ice and dump it into the ice bin for easy access.

What does it do?

The Ice Tray makes uniform, easy-to-remove ice cubes. The ice maker kettle is made of Tritan material, which is durable and flexible to use, non-toxic. Easy to fill, remove, and clean, good material can serve you for a long time

How does it work?

Keeps ice fresh and sanitary by preventing ice from absorbing freezer odors. It is also light weight and small in size, and does not take up much space in the refrigerator.


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Ice Maker Bottle


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  • Material: Plastic 
  • Package size: 28cm x 12.5cm x 6.7cam 

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