Gluten and dairy-free

No processed sugars

Refined oil free (canola, palm)

Them vs Us

Them: No Functional Benefits Candy Processed Sugar Cheap Refined Oils Dirty Peanuts Artificial Colors, Dyes, Sweeteners No Healing Herbs No Healing Mission Corporate Owned Polluting Packaging vs US: Supports Relaxation, Energy, Focus, Gut & Skin health Organic Superfruits No Processed Sugars Olive & Coconut Oil Sprouted & Raw Nuts & Seeds Nothing Artificial Reishi, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps & More Regenerates Polluted Farmland Plastic Neutral Packaging

30+ superfoods & adaptogenic herbs

We’re reinventing trail mix with Ancient Adaptogenic Herbs to support your body’s natural ability for stress relief, energy production, and holistic balancing.


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Turning Head Adaptogenic Trail Mix


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*Organic Sprouted Almonds, Coconut Sugar*, Cashews Coconut Chips*, Dried Cranberries*, (Apple Juice Concentrate* Sunflower Oil*), Sultana Raisins*, Cacao Powder*, Rose Elixir (Water Goji Berry* and Rose Petals), Coconut Nectar*, Olive Oil*, Himalayan Salt, Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder*, Vanilla extract and Hibiscus Flower.

Nutrients Facts

3g Protein, 10g Net Carbs, 11g Fat

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Orders placed before 6pm EST get shipped same-day

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