POWER just got...well, more powerful. That’s right; your favourite minty-fresh aroma is now available in Pod form, for a puffing experience that’s smoother and cleaner than ever before. Each pack delivers 400 puffs of peppermint-flavoured goodness, infused with plant extracts of ginseng root and ginkgo biloba for extra oomph. Just pop it on your Pod device for instant refreshment


Organically derived base

Vegan friendly

No artificial additives

About Ripple+

Big tobacco has a deep and tangled history with society. Our view is quite simple, f**k nicotine. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people worldwide each year. Nicotine is the fix in tobacco that causes dependency, and according to research, it can be more addictive than heroin. It’s messed up as f**k. At ripple, we believe that zero-nicotine and non-addictive tastes better. Always remember, the goal is to stop not start.


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  • Peppermint aroma - focuses energy, improves vitality
  • Ginseng - fights tiredness, boosts energy
  • Ginko Biloba - supports brain function


Our rechargeable, reusable design leads to a waste-free puffing experience. All POD packs are fully recyclable, and any finished POD refills can be either sent to us to be recycled, or dropped at any of our retail locations. The ingredients we use in our formulations are fully traceable, and we have complete transparency on their origins.


  • Puffs - 400 puffs/pod
  • Battery life - 10hrs/charge
  • Ingredients - Plant powered
  • Formula - 0$ nicotine 

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Orders placed before 6pm EST get shipped same-day

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