• Zero waste or plastic
  • Ultra-concentrated (one strip = one load)
  • Kind on skin (only 5 natural ingredients)
  • Saves space & less mess!

Gentle on skin & hypoallergenic

Zero plastic & biodegradable

About Washland

Better for you & the planet 🌍 Ditch the bulky plastic and try our revolutionary extra-strong laundry detergent strips.

Dissolves in seconds

Just like that! Hot or cold water, our sheets work with all machines (including HE). They are even safe with septic or greywater.

Powerfully clean, yet gentle on skin

Bad experience with weak eco-friendly laundry liquid? Our ultra-concentrated detergent strips offer extra strong cleaning power without the harsh chemicals. Watch odors and stains vanish thanks to just 5 natural ingredients – so you can finally get the best for both your clothes and your skin.

Zero waste or plastic

Kraft paper packaging and natural ingredients make Washland truly earth-friendly. Traditional detergents are 90% water, leading to dead-weight that increases carbon emissions during transportation by 10x what they should be. Washland makes the green choice easy.


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Laundry Strips - 32 Loads


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How it works

  • Just throw a strip in along with your clothes and wash normal
  • Use 1 strip for a normal load 
  • Put strip inside washer with your clothes
  • Works with side or top-loading machines 

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Orders placed before 6pm EST get shipped same-day

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