DITCH THE SODA: A healthy, sugar free, great substitute to sweet and sugary sodas. Ugly Drinks give you the taste and refreshment of a carbonated beverage, but with the hydration and health benefits of water.

BPA FREE, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, SODIUM FREE, KOSHER, 100% RECYCLABLE. Ugly is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water and soda. Made in the USA. We believe in creating a sustainable future for the planet and will strive to make every effort possible to minimize our impact on the environment.

No sugar

No sweetners

No calories


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Dr. Ugly Sparkling Water

Ugly Drinks

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NO SUGAR. NO SWEETENERS. NO CALORIES: Ugly Energy Water contains no carbs, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no chemicals, no sweeteners, and no stevia.


Sparkling water, natural flavors

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