Powder designed for rapid, effective, and safe rehydration to support overall health & immunity.

Optimizing the “Sodium-Glucose Co-Transport System” for rapid rehydration, our Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) formula is based on clinical research done by the World Health Organization. It optimizes this system by containing a precise ratio of sodium and glucose for maximal osmotic pull into your bloodstream. Because of this, Hydrate allows you to make the most of every drop of water for rapid rehydration after alcohol consumption.



Made in the USA

About Cheers

Need something for the alcohol-enjoyer in your life? Our products are designed to support your liver and help you feel better after drinking – whether you drink a little or a lot. Founded in 2018, our founder & CEO Brooks Powell took on the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to bring you Cheers.


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Cheers Hydrate - 12 scoops

Cheers Health

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Optimizes the Sodium-Glucose Cotransport System for rapid rehydration.

Formulated using clinical research performed by the World Health Organization.

How to take it

Drink a glass of water (12-16 oz) mixed with 1 scoop of Hydrate.

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Orders placed before 6pm EST get shipped same-day

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