A creamy, oat milk latte-flavored mineral balm that keeps lips hydrated, nourished, and protected with SPF30. Designed to soothe and envelop dry, chapped, or cracked lips in comforting moisture. Great for daily protection or an easy self-care ritual — whenever, wherever.

Planet powered

Plastic neutral

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About Everyday Humans

WE’RE A PRO-PLANET, SUN-LED SKINCARE BRAND FOR A NEW GENERATION OF #HUMANSOUTSIDE. Sun protection meets skincare We get it, you’ve got things to do and places to be. That’s why our products are always multi-purpose, combining sun care + skincare to shorten and supercharge your routine without ever skimping on quality.

Bringing feel-good formulas to life

We know that the biggest roadblock to SPF use is finding a formula you actually want to wear. So we designed our sunscreen with modern humans in mind — focusing on lightweight textures, hardworking ingredients, and natural finishes. And as skincare nerds, every step of product development is clinically vetted and science-led — from the ingredients we use, to the extensive safety standards we set.

Planet first, always

Can’t celebrate being outside without a world outside. As a planet-first skincare brand, sustainability dictates our every business decision. We have several initiatives in place to minimize our environmental impact, including Plastic Neutral + Climate Neutral certifications, recycled and recyclable packaging for all products, ethically sourced, upcycled ingredients, and more.


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Big Mood SPF30 Mineral Milky Lip Balm

Everyday Humans

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  • Feels like💧: Smooth and rich balm to envelop dry, chapped, or cracked lips in comforting moisture
  • Leaves lips 👄: Hydrated, plump with a subtle sheen
  • Tastes like ☕: Creamy oat milk latte with a hint of sweet blue agave 
  • 100% non-nano, zinc-based mineral SPF that defends against UVA/UVB rays

  • Intensively moisturizes with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil

  • Soothes + plumps with Oat Extract and Blue Agave

  • Glides like a dream and leaves a subtle, healthy sheen


☀️Sunscreen Actives: 8% Zinc Oxide.

🌾 Oat Extract: A soothing ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that also tastes nice.

🌵Blue Agave: A plant-derived extract that's moisturizing, plumping,and anti-inflammatory to reduce dryness and appearance of fine lines.

🧈Oil Blend: Comfortable blend of shea butter, jojoba and argan packed with fatty acids that restore lip moisture.

How To Use

Apply balm over lips as part of your morning skincare routine and reapply throughout the day to maintain moisture and protection.

We recommend to always perform a patch test on the underside of your arm before trying a new product to check for skin allergies.

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Orders placed before 6pm EST get shipped same-day

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